My Pets Ashes Case Study – Delivering when it matters


About My Pets Ashes

My Pets Ashes is an online business offering a range of products, as well as help and advice for owners deciding what to do with a pet’s cremation ashes. They can advise on the practicalities and legalities of scattering a pet’s ashes, as well as providing a range of carefully chosen products to help owners remember a much-loved pet. Products include urns handmade in Devon, silver and gold keepsake jewellery and memorials for the garden. My Pets Ashes can even put ashes into fireworks or organise a sea burial – there are many options to celebrate the life of a pet.

Given the sensitive nature of the business, the reliability of a courier is crucial. And for the rare occasions when a delivery problem occurs, this must be handled with discretion and empathy. A courier company needs to understand the My Pets Ashes business and, more importantly, the needs of its customers. When sending parcels as unique and of such sentimental value as these, a delivery company needs to be dependable and professional.

Finding the Right Courier

My Pets Ashes, and sister company Scattering Ashes, have worked with Deadline Distribution for the past three years, using overnight parcel delivery services, provided through Deadline’s membership of APC Overnight.

Nothing is too much trouble…

Choosing the right courier is crucial to a business like My Pets Ashes. The relationship with a delivery company is about more than just booking consignments; it’s a partnership. My Pets Ashes delivers to customers all over the UK and needs to know that when they tell a customer their product will be delivered, it will be. The excellent customer service Deadline offers is crucial to this. They have a dedicated account manager, providing prompt and cheerful service, and nothing is too much trouble. This helpful attitude runs through all the team at Deadline, from the warehouse team to all the drivers. Karen Martin, Director of My Pest Ashes (pictured above) says, ‘I genuinely think they employ good people who work really hard to make our business work.’

Focus on Running Your Business

Karen has worked with all the main courier companies and adds ‘whatever they say in their marketing blurb, the reality is simply not as good. We used to spend hours chasing lost parcels, which meant we weren’t running our business. Now Deadline concentrate on deliveries and we can focus on what we do best.’

Deadline Distribution are a local company, focussed on working with other local businesses to provide a personal and efficient service, something which My Pets Ashes appreciates. Karen is free to run the business and not waste time in phone queues or using an online chat service – she has a dedicated contact who resolves issues quickly and efficiently. She adds ‘put simply, our customer complaints about deliveries have dramatically decreased since working with Deadline – we just get lots of lovely testimonials now about our products!’

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